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Disadvantages of Gravity casting [2014-08-08]


There mainly are three disadvantages: expensive tooling cost, limited to low-melting-point metals, and short using life of mold. The expensive tooling costs make this process uneconomical for small quantity production runs. Secondly,  When the process is used to cast steel or iron the mold life is extremely short. For lower melting point metals the mold life is longer but thermal fatigue and erosion usually limit the life to 11,000 to 120,000 cycles. The mold life depends on four factors: the material, the pouring temperature, the mold temperature, and the mold configuration. Molds made of gray cast iron is more economical to produce but have short life. On the other hand, molds made from good material H13 tool steel may have a mold life several times greater than the gray iron. The pouring temperature is dependent on the casting metal, but the higher the pouring temperature the shorter the mold life. A high pouring temperature can also induce shrinkage problems and create longer cycle times.