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Advantages of Gravity casting [2014-08-07]


For gravity casting of the camlock coupling, the advantages are the reusable mold, perfect surface finishing, dimensional accuracy, and high production rates. Typical tolerances of camlock coupling are 0.4 mm for the first 25 mm (0.015 in for the first inch) and 0.02 mm for each additional centimeter (0.002 in per in); if the dimension crosses the parting line add an additional 0.25 mm (0.0098 in). Typical surface finishes for coupling are 2.5 to 7.5 μm (100–250 μin) RMS. A draft of 2 to 3° is required. Wall thicknesses are limited to 3 to 50 mm ( approx 0.12 to 1.97 in). Typical part sizes range from 50 g to 80 kg (several ounces to 150 lb). Other advantages include the ease of inducing directional solidification by changing the mold wall thickness or by heating or cooling portions of the mold.