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  • 2014 nuevo catalogo     [2014-08-21]

      Tenemos nuevo catálogo disponible.En la nueva versión, hemos añadido muchos nuevos productos, bienvenido a ponerse en contacto con para conseguirlo. Z Nuevo catálogo incluyen acoplamiento camlock coupling, laton, acero inoxidable, acoplamiento, acoplamiento de fuego, manguera de aire de acoplamiento, acoplamiento Storz, enganche universal, Chicagoacoplamiento, acoplamiento de doble perno Guillemin, abrazadera,abrazadera de ...

  • El acoplamiento de actualizacion     [2014-08-21]

    Ningbo Spark Industries Co., Ltd. Es un importante proveedor y exportador de acoplamiento de manguera y accesorios en Ningbo, China.Somos capaces de desarrollar y producir diferentes tipos de Camlock coupling,manguera de aire de acoplamiento, acoplamiento universal, Chicagoacoplamiento, acoplamiento de doble perno Guillemin, abrazadera,abrazadera de la abrazadera espiral & superior etc.

  • How to use camlock coupling     [2014-08-18]

      1.clean the hose end of the camlock coupling 2.use some oil at the end of coupling in order to easy insert the hose. 3. using explore machine to enlarge the end of hose. 4. insert camlock coupling into the hose 5. using camlock coupling clamp to fix.

  • How to use camlock coupling     [2014-08-14]

      Cam and groove coupling and camlock couplings has two ways of connection, thread and lever lock. People usually use male thread or female thread to connect thread link, or insert adapter into coupler, lock it with closing arms on the coupler.  There is safty pin in the arms, insert pin into hole of body of coupling to pretect people in case the locking explosive.

  • The application of camlock coupling     [2014-08-14]

    There are a variety applications of camlock couplings. It’s main functoin is rapid connect and disconnect pipe fittings and hoses, such as industiral containers, oil and marine.

  • Disadvantages of Gravity casting     [2014-08-08]

      There mainly are three disadvantages: expensive tooling cost, limited to low-melting-point metals, and short using life of mold. The expensive tooling costs make this process uneconomical for small quantity production runs. Secondly,  When the process is used to cast steel or iron the mold life is extremely short. For lower melting point metals the mold life is longer but thermal fatigue and erosion usually limit the life to 11,000 to 120,000 cycles. The mold life depends on four factors: the material, the pouring temperature, the mold temperature, and the mold configura...

  • Advantages of Gravity casting     [2014-08-07]

      For gravity casting of the camlock coupling, the advantages are the reusable mold, perfect surface finishing, dimensional accuracy, and high production rates. Typical tolerances of camlock coupling are 0.4 mm for the first 25 mm (0.015 in for the first inch) and 0.02 mm for each additional centimeter (0.002 in per in); if the dimension crosses the parting line add an additional 0.25 mm (0.0098 in). Typical surface finishes for coupling are 2.5 to 7.5 μm (100–250 μin) RMS. A draft of 2 to 3° is required. Wa...

  • Gravity Casting for camlock coupling     [2014-08-06]

      Gravity mold casting is a metal casting process, which using molds made of metal, this mold usually reusable. The whole process is pour melting metal into the camlock couplng mold, fill the mold by gravity. Another process is using gas pressure or vacuum to fill the mold, called slush casting in camlock coupling. Aluminium, copper, brass, zinc and steel are available.  

  • Instruction of camlock couplng     [2014-08-05]

      Camlock coupling is also known as cam and groove coupling. It is a easy using fittings to connect and disconnect hoses and pipes.   The material of camlock coupling can be Aluminium, brass, stainless steel, steel, PP etc. Camlock coupling consist of 8 type: Type A: Female adapter Type B: Male coupler Type C: Hose coupler Tyep D: Female coupler Type E: Hose adapter Type F:Male adapter Type DC: Dust cap Type DP: Dust plug

  • 2014 New Catalogue     [2014-07-17]

      Ningbo Spark Industries Co., Ltd has new catalogue available. In the new version, we have added many new products, welcome to contact for get it.   New catalogue include camlock coupling, brass coupling, stainless steel coupling, fire coupling, Air Hose Coupling, Storz coupling, Universal coupling, Chicago Coupling, Guillemin coupling, Double Bolt Clamp, Spiral Clamp &Superior Clamp, German Clamp, Valve..

  • Coupling update     [2014-07-17]

    Ningbo Spark Industries Co., Ltd. is a major supplier and exporter of Hose Couplings and fittings in Ningbo, China. We are able to develop and produce different kind of camlock coupling, Air Hose Coupling, Universal coupling, Chicago Coupling, Guillemin coupling, Double Bolt Clamp, Spiral Clamp &Superior Clamp

  • Composite hose production line assembly     [2013-03-12]

    Since bring in the production line of composite hose in last year,it took one more year effort and plenty of testing, the composite hose production line has been running smoothly on 3rd March 2013 finally. The composite hose has good barrier properties, corrosion resistance, resistance to cracking. They are widely used in the industrial fluid transfer, such as in the oil, marine, chemical,etc. Welcome the new and old customers purchase the composite hoses from our factory since this year.

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